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The Highest Quality Tuition Available

Our aim at Little Rainbow Tutors is to ensure everyone is able to realise their goals, for the future through the support of the highest quality tuition available. We aim to help all students achieve their potential by providing guidance, encouragement, understanding and individual attention. We strive to raise our students’ achievement levels by infusing them with an enthusiasm for learning.

We offer tuition in small size Classes (up to 5 students) for :

- Key Stage 1 English & Maths (School year 1-2, Age 5-6)
- Key Stage 2 English & Maths (School year 3-6, Age 7-11)
- 11+ Preparation English , Verbal Reasoning, Maths, Non Verbal Reasoning

Our Primary classes are divided in 30 minutes sessions per subject to boost young students attention span.

- Key Stage 3 English, Maths & Science (School year 7-9, Age 11-14)
- GCSE Preparation English, Maths & Science

Our Tutors

Our tutors are enthusiastic and friendly individuals with years of experienced in Education. They are the first to admit that with class sizes growing as large as 33 pupils, the range of needs in a class has become more and more challenging for teachers to meet and sadly these needs are often simply not met.

Photo of Betty Many parents are reporting that their children feel overlooked and that their learning needs are not being addressed adequately. Parents have also reported that they feel more vocal and challenging children take up much of the teacher’s time, while well-mannered less forthcoming children are being overlooked.

Photo of Andrea In our Centre our tutors will work with your child to develop a personalised learning plan, designed specifically for your child and will explain exactly what your child needs to develop and succeed.

Small Group Tuition

vs Home tuition

Home tuition on a one-to-one basis puts a lot of pressure on the child. At that young age, children can be easily distracted, eg, siblings playing, parents watching TV, the dog running around in the garden. All that attention on a single student can also be unnerving, with the child having to endure a learning environment in which he/she is the sole learner, questioner and respondent! Going to a tuition centre eases these potential pressures. For a centre like Little Rainbow Tutors, the modern and conducive environment provides a stimulating place for the students to learn. By having the child study with a few others of the same age and ability, this takes the pressure off individual kids while allowing for one-to-one help from the tutor when needed. The child can benefit from working in a group or by themselves, as tuition centres tend to have more resources to enhance learning through activity-based pedagogy like public speaking, cross-sharing and group discussions. Imagine trying to hone a child’s public speaking skills in a one-to-one tuition session! Such workshop-style lessons are more interactive, challenging and stimulating, amidst a much more relaxed environment, while still producing excellent results.

Further benefits of Little Rainbow Tutors Centres
Improve Performance and Results

Our tutors are experienced in education and have a proven record of enabling children of all abilities to excel academically. In a serious study carried out by the Institute of Education, University of London, showed that children who received regular tuition significantly outperformed children who did not receive tutoring in their GCSE results.

Improves Confidence

Our tutors will coach your child towards exam success by both preparing them with knowledge but also helping to give them the correct mind set and revision strategies for success. Providing your children with the opportunity to ask questions on a one to one basis with a qualified and experienced tutors can help to alleviate this stress and build confidence.

One to One Attention

Small classes allow children to learn at a much faster pace whilst addressing any specific issues or gaps in learning that they may have. Our centres provide a safe and secure environment, giving children an opportunity to express any concerns or difficulties they have. Usually children do not like to share their insicurities at school in front of a large class.

Personalised Learning

Our Tuition Centres in Birmingham affords the time to carefully and regularly assess and track your child’s learning, allowing your child’s personal tutor to set individual learning goals.Our tutors will share and discuss these goals with you, ensuring that you are kept completely informed of all learning and progress, helping to ensure an essential partnership in learning is formed. Our tutors are able to plan activities to suit your child’s preferred learning style, making learning more fun and engaging and therefore more effective.

Overcome Learning Barriers

Many of our best tutors in Birmingham are highly experienced in working with children with significant barriers to learning. Specific barriers to learning such as Dyslexia or Dyscalculia can have a profound effect on children’s ability to access their learning effectively.

Homework Support

Homework can be a stressful and upsetting time for both children and their parents. Using personal tutors to help with homework can help to overcome this stress.


Fixed monthly Fees starting at £60 per month
( 1 hour session per week - £12+ per hour)
Discounts on multiple sessions and


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